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That's Eurovision !

09/05/2020 Publié depuis Overblog

Albania 2020 - Arilena Ara - Fall From The Sky

Words have cut me to the bone And my heart is sinking like a stone But I don’t let it show Barely take another...

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08/05/2020 Publié depuis Overblog

Portugal 2020 - Elisa - Medo De Sentir

Qual é a saída Eu acho que já não sei amar E se o amor me convida Agora não consigo aceitar Parece que é rotina...

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07/05/2020 Publié depuis Overblog

Georgia 2020 - Tornike Kipiani - Take Me As I Am

How do you want me to talk, like an Englishman? Where do you want me to dress like an Italian? Now, do you want...

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06/05/2020 Publié depuis Overblog

Latvia 2020 - Samanta Tīna - Still Breathing

I will keep on going, I will keep on running Run until I reach the end Strong enough to take it, I am gonna make...

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05/05/2020 Publié depuis Overblog

Armenia 2020 - Athena Manoukian - Chains On You

I got it, you wanna take me to the party, Cause you’re naughty, Well, let me tell you one kind of story. Yeah I...

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04/05/2020 Publié depuis Overblog

Finland 2020 - Aksel - Looking Back

We would fall asleep Talking ‘bout our dreams Waiting for eighteen Is never what it seems We were young and naive...

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03/05/2020 Publié depuis Overblog

Switzerland 2020 - Gjon's Tears - Répondez-moi

Pourquoi la pluie Et les nuages aussi Et les nuages aussi Pourquoi le soir Tu t'endors dans mon lit Tu t'endors...

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02/05/2020 Publié depuis Overblog

Bulgaria 2020 - Victoria - Tears Getting Sober

Great, feel my head is taking over me 10 déjà vus a day and each time I'm getting colder, pain, I should let it...

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01/05/2020 Publié depuis Overblog

Denmark 2020 - Ben & Tan - YES

I was 6 feet under for the one and only Spend the nights feeling bitter sad and lonely Didn't realize how much...

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30/04/2020 Publié depuis Overblog

Estonia 2020 - Uku Suviste - What Love Is

How mysterious this life can be Full of beautiful surprises I never really knew the man I thought was me Dreams...

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