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That's Eurovision !

Silvàn Areg - I’m ready to walk on that wire!

Silvàn Areg - I’m ready to walk on that wire!

French version / Version française : Cliquez Ici

You met with Silvàn Areg during the TV Show « Destination Eurovision »
His first album is « Sur le Fil », it will be out this Friday, August 23rd.

Silvàn was kind enough to give us a new interview just before the release of his album.
We are sending him our thanks for the time he spent with us, for his availability.
« Go and tell them » (Allez leur dire)… that he will go till the end!

"If I had to do it again? Instead of hesitating,
I would go for it"

That's Eurovision ! : How are you doing since our last interview?

Silvàn Areg : Well…listen, I’m doing very well! Always on top form, still feeling like going forward and travelling with the suitcase, so everything’s fine! (laughs)

That's Eurovision ! : Our first interview was in december 2018, you were the first artist who accepted my request within the « Destination Eurovision » concept, what is your look on this path? What if it has to be done again?

Silvàn : If I had to do it again? Instead of hesitating, I would go for it and would definitely get absorbed in it. Those are only good memories, a great experience, an incredible adventure which finally was a springboard for us. This allowed us to be in it, and in any case, to start Silvàn Areg’s career. Since then it has only been happiness, things are moving forward, doors open, slowly but surely. This is a nice starting point, I’m very happy with it.

Silvàn Areg - I’m ready to walk on that wire!

That's Eurovision ! : Did you watch the Eurovision in Tel-Aviv?

Silvàn : Yes! Of course! Oh yes… I was at home with friends of mine, we took the opportunity to watch it, to do some forecast, that was pretty cool.

That's Eurovision ! : Did you tell yourself, I could have been there,  on that stage? Did you think about it?

Silvàn : Oh yes, of course! I would have loved to bring my personal touch, to share my song. This could have been cool, anyway, I would have done it with pleasure. The stage was incredible, and what an atmosphere! This is a real Song World Championship.

Silvàn Areg - I’m ready to walk on that wire!

That's Eurovision ! : « Allez leur dire » took off slowly, but now your song is aired on numerous radio stations. What if someone told you this at the beginning of the adventure?

Silvàn : I would have immediately signed! (laughs), I would have said a big yes. I’m really happy to see that the song has travelled, got exported, made its way. It is a success with people. Some tell me it makes us feel like dancing, it gives smile, this is really cool! When you are an author, writting songs, the best award you can get is to see that your songs are travelling and are listened by the biggest amount of people possible. This is what « Allez leur dire » is doing, I’m proud of it.

Silvàn Areg - I’m ready to walk on that wire!

That's Eurovision ! : Tell me if I’m wrong, before the « Destination Eurovision » advendture, you had no record company, no distributor?

Silvàn : Yes, in fact I was in something like a « no man’s land », I made songs but there was no precise plan, no direction to be followed. I was in my little independant artist routine, I did not know how it would take shape, nor how things would take place.

That's Eurovision ! : And the day after your live performance on France 2, everything went really fast!?

Silvàn : And finally everything went very fast, from the day I said yes to take part in the show, I could meet my manager. Through the artistic universe we wanted to put forwards, we saw there was an interest for our proposal.

Silvàn Areg - I’m ready to walk on that wire!

"Sometime you have to go to come-back in a better way"

That's Eurovision ! : Then there was the official video, you shooted it in Spain, Almeria, isn’t it? Whose idea was it?

Silvàn : Exactly! Hervé, the director, proposed us the synopsis, this idea of a big suitcase I am carying. We thought it was a great idea. We needed landscapes, surprising settings. Almeria was the perfect place to do it, with its sea side, and its desert side. Those spots made us feel like travelling. Also, there was that paradox ; to be in quite a nice place but wanting to leave a the same time. We often need to leave and go far away to remind that at the place we come from, there are certain things that hold you back, beautiful things, familly. Sometime you have to go to come-back in a better way.

That's Eurovision ! : And what about that suitcase? Is it really heavy or did Silvàn Areg do Actor Studios?

Silvàn : No, no, it was really heavy!! (laughs)
Let’s say it’s going heaviest as time passes through, the more people join us in the adventure, the bigger it gets, and greater is the number of people sending us good vibes.

Silvàn Areg - I’m ready to walk on that wire!

That's Eurovision ! : Let’s talk about your album « Sur le Fil », it will be out on August 23rd, 11 songs compose it. As time went by, you introduced it on social networks, was it your idea?

Silvàn : This is the idea we got, I’m talking about the people who help me in this adventure, because I’m not the only one. I’m the visible part of the iceberg, there are a lot of people, this is a collective work.
We talked together and we thought it was great to explain each track, the way it had been composed, what it means for me. This also was a way to wait until the album was out.

Silvàn Areg - I’m ready to walk on that wire!

That's Eurovision ! : Who are the persons who wrote the lyrics and the songs on this album?

Silvàn : Well I am the author. I create melodies and lyrics. Then, because never change a winning team, Erick Ness and Doutson composed 10 of the 11 songs.
Then another production team, Malik (M2L Music), Valentin and Stanislas composed the song « Mais non » with me.

Silvàn Areg - I’m ready to walk on that wire!

"I see this album like the story of my life"

That's Eurovision ! : How did you live the birth of this baby? Tomorrow it’s going to make its first steps, how did its creation go, the studio? How was it since « Destination Eurovision » till the release of « Sur le Fil »?

Silvàn : After « Destination Eurovision », we had quite a few songs ready. Actually it was the work of those two last years. Then with Doutson and Erick Ness, we went back to the studio to re-record some of the songs. We made new beautiful versions. At this very moment, we had 16, 17 songs, and we only kept 11 for the album. You know, I see this album like the story of my life. The story of a life, you try to leave, you come back, you often fall, you get up again. There are people helping us on the path. You got moments of doubt, moments of joy. All this will appear on this album.

Silvàn Areg - I’m ready to walk on that wire!

That's Eurovision ! : You are already touring France, how does the public react?

Silvàn : For now on, we usually did radio stages, so 3 or 4 songs live. The aim is to get known better and to meet people, to let them discover our universe.
The real tour will start in November. I can’t wait for it to begin, can’t wait to see how people will react.

That's Eurovision ! : Do you plan touring in French-speaking countries? Like Belgium, Switzerland…?

Silvàn : I hope so… I hope to travel as far away as possible, to make this suitcase runs, to run the world why not!
You’ll have to ask me in another interview in one year, then in two years to see if we travelled a lot!! (laughs)

Silvàn Areg - I’m ready to walk on that wire!

That's Eurovision ! : Tell me, a new audience is discovering Silvàn Areg. This must be great to see that Casus Belli’s audience is still there, always faithful. This audience has been supporting you since the very first day.

Silvàn : Yes, absolutely! This is one of the greatest satisfaction to take this new leap. To see that people follow me actually. Finally, I think they can feel that the energy is the same, that I’m always doing it with my heart. The message stays the same, the way I do it is different, but not the result. When I am writting, I’m connecting with… well I’m not sure if I’m right but...« The soul of the world », I mean, I don’t know if I can say it like this, but there’s something authentic, something true that the audience can find again. This is cool that they can feel it and that they follow me in this new adventure. I’m so happy with it.

Silvàn Areg - I’m ready to walk on that wire!

That's Eurovision ! : Can we say that « Besoin d’Air » is an official second single of « Sur le Fil »? Or do you consider it as a simple second extract ?

Silvàn : « Besoin d’Air » won’t be worked as a second single, this is an extract of the album. Even if I really love that song. This is a « discovering » track, it gives the link between the rapper past and this brand new musical adventure. It creates the link between those universes. It was important to do it, but it won’t be the next single (laughs).

That's Eurovision ! : Among those 11 songs, is there one that personally touches you more? With the « That’s Eurovision ! » team, we were moved by « Ne Parle Pas ».

Silvàn : « Ne Parle Pas » is a song that should have not been on the album at first. It was recorded but left aside. One of my friends could not stop talking to me about it, then, I told myself I couldn’t miss it. That this song really has something special. It is at the end of the album, it brings you back to your roots… when you are far away from home and you want to find those memories again, your parents, your family, your friends.

Silvàn Areg - I’m ready to walk on that wire!

"This is a kind and smooth adventure"

That's Eurovision ! : Does this song show us the « tender » part of Silvàn Areg?

Silvàn : Yes… it has something nobody knows yet, this song creates links between people, this is important.

That's Eurovision ! : You are an artist but also a husband, a family man. What is your relative’s point of view  on your success? On this adventure?

Silvàn : This is a kind and smooth adventure. I did it with the endorsement of my relatives, and this does not change our everyday life. Everything is still the same. They always knew me as an arstist, the difference is that the light is a little bit brighter, that there is more interest about the release. But at the end, my everyday life doesn’t change, everything stays the same. We want it to be like that.
So yes, I’m a little bit less present, I travel a little bit more, but they let me do my things. If I’m happy doing this, I’m also happy at home. Everything’s perfect finally.

Silvàn Areg - I’m ready to walk on that wire!

That's Eurovision ! : After « Destination Eurovision », You could have said no more Eurovision, but you remained faithful, I would thank you for this.

Silvàn : Oh you see… it means a lot, it gives me thrills (laughs), this is cool!
Really, the « Destination Eurovision » adventure… I came in it through a door, when I opened it, I only found beautiful things. I saw a lot of sunshine, met a lot of people, a lot of new kindly people who accompained me, and I will never forget it. All that made the start of this new career.

Silvàn Areg - I’m ready to walk on that wire!

"I’m at the edge of the cliff on this taut wire,
and I’m ready to walk on it"

That's Eurovision ! : Congratulations Mister!
« Sur le Fil » will be out on Friday August 23rd. Will there be different media ? CD, or even Vinyls?

Silvàn : For the moment we made a beautiful Digipack with great photos inside. You know, right now this is like a step into the unknow. We are chatting at this very moment, and I’m quite in the same position that when you called me last December, I didn’t know where I was going to with Eurovision. For now I don’t know what the album will do, how it will be welcomed, if it will grow? Will one thing lead to another? Will this stop as an end?
Well, I’m at the edge of the cliff on this taut wire, and I’m ready to walk on it. We will see if it will hold up, if there will be people to support me and where all this will take us to.

Silvàn Areg - I’m ready to walk on that wire!

That's Eurovision ! : I want to hugely thank you for giving me some of your time once again.

Silvàn : Thank you very much for your faithfulness, thank you to the whole team, thank you to those who will discover this album. Can’t wait to meet you on the road!

Silvàn Areg - I’m ready to walk on that wire!

Photos : @FIFOU

Interview : Alain DHALLEWIN

Présentation graphique : Ludovic PICAVET

Allez leur dire (Official Video)

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